by cawatana

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Original songs written between 1999 and 2003
New versions written between 2003 and 2014

Recorded between February and May 2014, by Kiss Balázs (all instruments and vocals, recording, mixing and mastering)

All songs written by Kiss Balázs, Sörös Gergő and Benkő Mihály
Lyrics written by Kiss Balázs and Sörös Gergő (except We call your wolves again)


released May 25, 2014



all rights reserved


cawatana Hungary

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Track Name: Real, open again
Real, open mind
Steals the count of my sight
Washed out from my brain
These naked feelings
Through the holes of light
You will pay the price
When my heart won't beat
I'll leave you in the dust
Track Name: Oh, cheerful days come again
Go forward!
At the expense of might
Might will help
And the heaven opened up

At the gates of winter
You told me that you loved me
You’ll think of me
And you will laugh
At the day of my death

Be fearless again
To lie easily again
Perhaps someone is waiting for me
In the world of tyrants
This is a message from Babylon
And the hell opened up
At the day of my death
Go forward!
Track Name: In darkness again
I see the end
When it comes
To me

In the fall
I'll be back
You'll see

Fourteen years
It's our

No more aims
Just live
To be

What remains
Just stain
And kill

Over head
You feel

Later by
The hand
You watched

The ground
I touched
Track Name: White again
White, purple, green and grey
My decision, your relay
Over this mountain, over the seas
The black sky, where life remains
The same

I watch this man who falls
From the sky to the ground, the pain is yours
Never betray a dying mind
You’re not a better kind
At all

The peace in your heart won’t break the silence
The peace in your heart won’t break the silence
The peace in your heart won’t break the silence
The peace in your heart won’t break the silence
Track Name: We call your wolves again
Wir rufen Deine Wölfe
und rufen Deinen Speer
wir rufen alle Zwölfe
vom Himmel zu uns her
Wir rufen Dich vor Allen
Nun kommt die wilde Jagd
nun laßt das Horn erschallen
um keinen Toten klagt
Der Feind ist schon verfallen
eh daß der Morgen tagt

Das Wild hat keinen Namen
der Feind hat kein Gesicht
das Aas hat keinen Samen
gerecht ist das Gericht
Die Ernte ist vergangen
die Spreu ist täglich feil
die Raben jetzt verlangen
ihr angemessnes Teil
die Jagd hat angefangen
nun hält uns, Herr, Dein Heil